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Tap into the collective intelligence of the web and connect with people and ideas that matter.
Brainspace expands ideas based on it's understanding of related concepts
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Use Brainspace to discover, collect and share information that matters to you.

Serendipity on demand

Watch as Brainspace expands concepts to help you discover related content, collections and people. Amplify concepts of interest with one click.

Help Brainspace learn

As you interact with Brainspace by reading, sharing and collecting articles, Brainspace learns more about what you want to learn.

Curate smart collections

Publish unique collections that others can follow. Brainspace collections intelligently attract related content and people.

Add insight and share

Highlight, annotate and share articles to add your unique perspective and establish your brand as a thought leader.

Connect with thought leaders

Connect with other smart people who share your interests and stay up to date with the activity feed.

Brainspace is an ideal tool for innovators. It allows us to find what matters and what is interesting and unexpected - something you do not get from any other search engine or knowledge discovery tools.

Larry Schmitt, PhD, CEO, Inovo

“The ability to discover relevant content from our internal, external and premium sources is something only Brainspace can provide. It’s rocket fuel for innovation.”

Sha-Chelle Devlin Manning, Director, Corporate Innovation, Pioneer Natural Resources

Brainspace for you, for your team
and everyone in-between


$20 / user / mo
  • Private Brainspace Community
  • Curated Web Brain
  • Brainspace Concept Search
  • Smart Collections
  • Smart Topics
  • Following & Activity Stream
  • Instant in-app Messaging
  • Personalized Email Digest
  • Collaborative Collections
  • Knowledge Base & Email Support
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  • All Groups features, plus:
  • Premium Content Integration
  • Enterprise Curated Brain
  • Advanced Enterprise Search
  • Usage Metrics & Analytics
  • Single Sign-On
  • Enterprise Onboarding & Support
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