Trailblazers and Innovators

We are a devoted band of intellectually curious people on a mission to change the way people interact with data.
We created an elegant and powerful machine learning platform to accelerate human potential.
Our products have evolved over many years and continue to lead the industry.
We empower people to solve problems at super-human scale.


Semantic Pioneers

Our founders have been working together for over two decades to solve the most challenging problems in semantic search and machine learning.


The Beginning

After the sale of semantic search pioneer Engenium, Dave Copps and Chris Rohde set out to create a new machine learning platform with an emphasis on interactive visualizations and massive scalability. They called their company PureDiscovery.


Empowering Patent Search

LexisNexis selects PureDiscovery's core technology to provide semantic search for TotalPatentâ„¢ and PatentOptimizerâ„¢.


The First Product

PureDiscovery develops its first application, PureDiscovery LegalSuite, with state-of-the-art visualizations for the e-discovery industry.


E-Discovery Validation

A record-setting year of sales as PureDiscovery LegalSuite is adopted by many of the largest litigation service providers in the industry.


Company Receives $10MM in Growth Capital

PureDiscovery partners with Medina Capital to accelerate product development and expansion into enterprise and government markets.


Brainspace is Born

PureDiscovery rebrands the company as Brainspace to emphasize the patented machine learning at the core of their products.


Record Growth

Sales of Brainspace Discovery increased 275%, establishing Brainspace as an industry standard for investigative analytics.


In-Q-Tel Investment and Market Expansion

Expansion into government and international markets continues to drive record sales growth, and the year's not over yet.