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3 Key Components of Augmented Intelligence

At the most recent MIT Technology Review EmTech Digital (formerly Digital Summit), our founder and CEO, Dave Copps, spoke about the present technological shift enabling augmented intelligence. This shift not only includes technology advancements in artificial intelligence but also a highly critical human component: curation.

In his presentation, he explained that the next generation of machine learning for natural language promises significant leaps in extracting insight from unstructured data. This means that the intelligence and productivity of knowledge workers can be radically enhanced by machine intelligence. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are not standalone solutions. For maximum organizational impact, three components should be considered:

1. Machine Learning/AI

2. Human Curation

3. Meaningful User Experience

Augmented intelligence combines the power of machine learning with human curation and intuition producing an outcome greater than the sum of its parts. Providing powerful, contextual text analysis with a great user experience empowers everyone in the organization to essentially operate like a data scientist.

According to Copps:

“We have reached a point where synthesis of machine learning and user experiences (UX) that simplify human curation has the potential to completely reshape analytics and knowledge discovery in the enterprise.”

In organizations, employees actively and passively curate content through their work, subscriptions, and communication patterns. Machine learning technology, such as Brainspace, is able to analyze the unique knowledge sharing and curation patterns of an organization to connect patterns and synthesize data. With machine learning analyzing natural language, communication patterns, context, and phrases to extract the meaning of data, this technology can provide meaningful connections across an organization’s people and unstructured data.

Analyzing unstructured data with advanced machine learning means that business users can reach information faster—in context—in order to make informed decisions. Quantitatively, the speed with which users can extract key insights with machine learning can save organizations significant time and costs.

With the ability to ingest unstructured data and learn on the fly, knowledge workers can augment their intelligence and, in turn, reshape knowledge discovery in the enterprise. Modern analytics needs to undergo a shift from knowledge management to knowledge discovery as a means to create advantage, insight and innovation. Augmented intelligence is the perfect marriage of machine learning and human intuition, enabling any user to identify patterns and discover conceptually related content much like a data scientist.

Brainspace Discovery is the industry’s most advanced, large-scale machine learning platform. Brainspace rapidly ingests millions of pages of unstructured text, dynamically learning without taxonomies or ontologies, and connects that information using human patterns like communication analysis, timelines, and clusters.

Click here to view our MIT Emtech Presentation: Augmented Intelligence at Work.

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