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Brainspace 6 Bets Big on Next-level AI, Data Visualization

By Rhys Dipshan of LegalTech News.

If the current e-discovery industry is defined by anything, it is the growing use of analytics, data visualization, and artificial intelligence (AI). So it’s little surprise that many e-discovery providers seek to compete through innovating and advancing these features.

E-discovery review and analytics provider Brainspace is no stranger to this competition. The company recently invested heavily in this area with its release of Brainspace 6, the latest version of its e-discovery platform. With the new version, Brainspace is looking to be at the forefront of data visualization and AI for the foreseeable future.

What it is: Brainspace 6 is the newest version of Brainspace Discovery platform, which provides AI-powered e-discovery review and analytics.

Ravi Sathyanna, vice president of technology and product management at Brainspace, said the updates in Brainspace 6 include a new dashboard, a new redesigned cluster wheel visualization, “and new added visualizations like conversation analysis and thread analysis.”

In addition, Brainspace 6 has also added a “continuous multi-modal learning” (CMML) artificial intelligence feature, which, among other things, allows for more robust data classification.


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