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January 12 • 2018

Brainspace 6 Bets Big on Next-level AI, Data Visualization

By Rhys Dipshan of LegalTech News. The e-discovery analytics and review platform adds new visualization analytics and an advanced form of AI that adapts to user behavior. If the current e-discovery industry is defined by anything, it is the growing use of analytics, data visualization, and artificial intelligence (AI). So it’s little surprise that many […]

December 18 • 2017

Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML) Adds Powerful New Features and Flexibility to Workflows

With its version 6 release, Brainspace introduces a revolutionary new approach to text analytics workflows: Continuous Multimodal Learning, or CMML.  Designed for fast moving applications in investigations, e-discovery, information governance, national intelligence, and beyond, CMML makes machine learning a natural part of searching for just the key information.  It lets you discover novel insights in […]

November 4 • 2016

A New Chapter for Brainspace

BC Partners, Medina Capital Announce Definitive Agreement To Acquire Brainspace Acquisition bolsters machine learning and analytics capabilities for multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity joint venture. Dallas, TX – November 4, 2016 – Leading private equity firms BC Partners and Medina Capital today announced an agreement to acquire Brainspace Corporation, a privately-held machine learning and analytics company based in […]

October 6 • 2016

Brainspace Technology Transforms How SolarCity Approaches Investigations

Discovia, a leading global provider of eDiscovery services to corporations, law firms and government entities, announced it has leveraged Brainspace to implement a technology-based managed services solution for clean energy leader SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY) to help optimize the way the San Mateo, California-based company approaches internal and government investigations, labor and employment matters, and antitrust […]

October 6 • 2016

E-discovery: Searching for the Narrative

This post was written by Eric Mandel, Attorney and Managing Member of Indicium Law PLC, a boutique firm focused on navigating clients through the legal, technology, and process issues related to e-discovery, cyber risk, data privacy, and information governance. At its core, e-discovery is about the search for electronic evidence for use in the legal or regulatory process. I recently was with a US Circuit court judge who was very surprised […]

June 22 • 2016

3 Key Components of Augmented Intelligence

At the most recent MIT Technology Review EmTech Digital (formerly Digital Summit), our founder and CEO, Dave Copps, spoke about the present technological shift enabling augmented intelligence. This shift not only includes technology advancements in artificial intelligence but also a highly critical human component: curation. In his presentation, he explained that the next generation of […]

May 17 • 2016

How to Extract The Knowledge Embedded in Months of Email

Competitive organizations need to be able to extract and leverage the best knowledge they have — and that knowledge may be hidden somewhere. The institutional knowledge of a company includes information that lives in months of email. Among all of the knowledge repositories and communication tools, email is often still the number one daily tool. […]

Why Your HR Department Needs Text Analytics Tools
May 10 • 2016

Why Your HR Department Needs Text Analytics Tools

The role of Human Resources is changing quickly. What was once a department focused on the administration of payroll, hiring, and firing is now evolving into a strategic asset. Of course, human capital is an organization’s most valuable resource, so it makes sense that this area of the business is ripe for innovation — the […]

May 3 • 2016

The Shift to Augmented Intelligence and How it Helps Your Organization

At this year’s Gartner BI and Analytics Summit, Brainspace founder and CEO, Dave Copps, spoke about the present technological shift to augmented intelligence. In the past, the focus for companies was to manage the abundance of their data and knowledge using technology which simply stored and organized it. To use this information, knowledge workers are […]

April 28 • 2016

Next-Generation Text Analytics: Discovering What Your Company Knows

Modern organizations are knowledge-driven. Yet, with the explosion of unstructured data in the enterprise, much of this knowledge resides across disparate data stores, in email or in the heads of employees. There is a wealth of critical information—institutional knowledge—that can drive better, faster, more informed decisions, but the data volume often outpaces an organization’s ability […]