Augmenting Investigative Intelligence

Designed to help you quickly decipher the truth.

Brainspace 6 is the industry’s most advanced software for digital investigations and unstructured data analysis. Built on our patented machine learning platform, Brainspace learns dynamically without the use of lexicons or taxonomies, giving users a powerful suite of interactive visualizations and search tools to reveal the story within your data. Massively scalable and multilingual, Brainspace 6 is equipped to handle critical investigations of any size, in any language.

Concept Cluster Wheel

Brainspace's Cluster Wheel showcases Brainspace’s dynamic learning by clustering all documents based on conceptual similarity. Users can navigate the clusters like a map, quickly identifying neighborhoods of related documents versus one document at a time.

Transparent Concept Search

Starting with a phrase, a paragraph, or even entire documents, Discovery’s concept search automatically expands queries to reveal related concepts. These inferences are a result of Brainspace’s understanding of the entire dataset and can quickly introduce key concepts previously unknown to the user.

Communication Analysis

Who said what to whom? Communication analysis displays complete networks of communication such as email data or instant messaging systems like Bloomberg chat, adapting to search, facets, and an interactive timeline. Users can quickly identify persons of interest and explore related people and conversations, filtering by person, domain, CC, BCC, and more.

Document Classification

Utilizing our patented machine learning platform with Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML), Brainspace 6 offers powerful, state-of-the-art document classification. Our unique combination of classification and interactive visualizations helps users identify key documents faster, train the system with less time and effort, and decrease associated review costs.

An Industry Standard

Brainspace’s founders have been pushing the limits of semantic search and machine learning for over 20 years. Our technology is trusted by hundreds of companies around the world to accelerate mission-critical investigations involving hundreds of millions of documents.

Multilingual Analytics

Brainspace’s linguistic analysis and machine learning accurately process unstructured text, revealing valuable information and conceptual connections in virtually every major language, including all European languages, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Machine Learning

Our patented machine learning platform learns dynamically at a rate of one million documents per hour, automatically identifying phrases and clustering related documents without human supervision, word lists or taxonomies. The resulting Brain powers all of Brainspace 6's visualizations.

Advancing Analytics for the World's Smartest Companies

Brainspace Discovery

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Formerly Brainspace Discovery, rebranded Brainspace 6 adds powerful new visualizations, continuous learning workflow DALLAS, TX (September 21, 2017) — Brainspace today announced the release of Brainspace 6, formerly Brainspace Discovery, a significant redesign of the company’s flagship analytics solution used by law firms, enterprises, and government agencies to quickly understand large volumes of data during […]


Brainspace Discovery

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Discovia, a leading global provider of eDiscovery services to corporations, law firms and government entities, announced it has leveraged Brainspace to implement a technology-based managed services solution for clean energy leader SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY) to help optimize the way the San Mateo, California-based company approaches internal and government investigations, labor and employment matters, and antitrust […]


Brainspace Discovery

E-discovery: Searching for the Narrative

This post was written by Eric Mandel, Attorney and Managing Member of Indicium Law PLC, a boutique firm focused on navigating clients through the legal, technology, and process issues related to e-discovery, cyber risk, data privacy, and information governance. At its core, e-discovery is about the search for electronic evidence for use in the legal or regulatory process. I recently was with a US Circuit court judge who was very surprised […]


Brainspace Discovery

eDiscovery Leader Discovia Partners with Brainspace to Deliver Advanced Analytics for Investigations and Early Case Assessment

Patented Technology Features Visual Machine Learning to Help Attorneys Efficiently Organize and Review High-Volume, Unstructured Datasets San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) August 02, 2016 — Discovia, a global provider of eDiscovery services to corporations and law firms, today announced that it has partnered with Brainspace Corporation, the developers of the powerful Discovery 5 analytics technology, to enhance […]