Category: Investigations

How a Client used Brainspace to Expedite an IP Theft Investigation


An enterprise client responding to an internal investigation needed to quickly determine whether intellectual property had been stolen by a former employee who recently left the firm.



Using a sample of 200 documents that were purportedly stolen, the client extracted small blocks of text from the document sample and ran the text blocks as Concept Searches in Brainspace. This method quickly yielded documents that contained conceptually similar content when compared to the 200 samples. Because the accused made slight changes to the text, traditional keyword search would have failed to identify the entire collection of stolen property. The client also leveraged Brainspace’s interactive Cluster Wheel visualization to easily identify additional high similar documents clustered with 200 document sample. These two methods proved to be extremely efficient and accurate in determining the scope of stolen IP.


By leveraging the patented innovative analytics provided by Brainspace, the client was able to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to analyze the population of 350k documents saving approximately $1.6 Million in attorney review costs.