Category: Investigations

How a Client used Brainspace to Investigate a Wrongful Termination Case


Tasked with analyzing 7 Terabytes of data without keywords or culling criteria, the client needed a creative solution to expedite the identification of documents in defense of a wrongful termination and misappropriation of funds lawsuit. 



Brainspace was used in both the UK and US as a magnifying glass to quickly gain insight into the collected data and to formulate a review strategy. The complete 7 TBs of data (5 million documents) was ingested into Brainspace and subsets were created so the client could chip away at the review population. The team ran de-dupe and conceptual searches to identify discrete ‘things’ in order to get smaller subsets of data. Starting broad, the team refined their search term criteria as they worked which resulted in a greater richness review set. Brainspace’s expanded concept search list was used to create a defensibility log of search terms and domains that were determined to be highly relevant to the matter. The log was then used to negotiate the final search terms. In addition, the team used the “more like this” feature to further supplement the relevance rich review set. 


The analysis of the 7 Terabytes of data would not have been possible in the time provided without Brainspace. After creating searches and defensibility logs, the client culled the population down to 150,000 documents. The client took advantage of Brainspace’s powerful transparent concept search to ultimately identify 10 suspicious documents. Brainspace accelerated the document review process allowing the client to meet their tight deadline while dramatically reducing review costs.