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How a Government Agency used Brainspace for Rapid Discovery of Mission Critical Data


A government agency needed to develop a standardized process for rapid discovery of mission critical data from a large, unstructured data set containing millions of research documents and news articles.


Using Brainspace and a large data set containing millions of unstructured documents, a standardized process for rapid, relevant document discovery was developed. Developing workflows using a combination of Brainspace’s advanced concept search and machine learning features, the agency was able to quickly identify highly relevant documents within the large data set. These documents were tagged and saved in digital notebooks for further assessment.


By using Brainspace’s ability to quickly analyze textual content, the client was able to amplify the signal in the noise and reduce the document review volume by over 40%. In addition, Brainspace’s ability to perform concept searching across the documents and within the metadata enabled the discovery of valuable data insights that had not been previously identified with the other installed technologies.