Give your Application a Brain

Let Brainspace help you realize the true potential of your software by including powerful machine learning and natural language processing as part of your standard offering. Our core technology platform will enable your application to take full advantage of our unstructured data analytics engine for a wide range of applications.

The industry's leading text analytics engine

In response to the needs of the industries we serve, we have created a comprehensive unstructured text analytics platform that sets a high watermark for which there is no equal. Through the use of our platform, companies can quickly expand the capabilities of their applications without the risk, time or expense of custom development. We look forward to talking with you further about the wide range of companies already using Brainspace to search patents, analyze case law, classify documents and even provide people analytics for human resources.

Get the tools that power Brainspace Discovery

Utilizing the same underlying technology already in use by hundreds of companies across the globe, our comprehensive analytics platform can quickly be adapted to enhance search capabilities, classify documents or enable powerful data visualizations.

Twenty years of semantic search and machine learning

Brainspace founders have been advancing the world of semantic search, machine learning and natural language processing for the past 20 years. The best way for us to help you access this knowledge is to talk with one of our API experts.

Please contact us today so we can begin formulating a strategy to expand the capabilities of your application.

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