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Today's teams require much more from their software than search boxes and out-dated user interfaces. The increasing data volumes of modern e-discovery demand a new breed of software with greater intelligence, speed and scalability. Built to accelerate every phase of the e-discovery workflow, our unique combination of machine learning and thoughtful user experience enables Brainspace Discovery to find the non-obvious connections that other solutions often miss.

Reveal Connections that Make the Case

Brainspace Discovery is the industry’s most powerful and intelligent platform for pre-trial discovery and investigations. Finding facts is the core of every e-discovery effort and Brainspace Discovery is your secret weapon to revealing the truth faster. Early insight means stronger cases, more confident negotiations, and the knowledge you need to win.

Providing a unique, visual approach to analytics, Brainspace Discovery is powered by Brainspace’s machine learning, delivering concept search; document clustering, communication analysis and predictive coding in a single, intuitive workflow. Empowered with a 360° perspective, users can rapidly narrow the data set to determine what matters and what to cull.

Augmented Intelligence to Accelerate Review

Whether in early case assessment or managing multi-year litigation, Brainspace Discovery can dramatically improve the productivity and precision of your team. Utilize Discovery's concept search and visual analytics to enhance and accelerate predictive coding. Uncover key facts, validate collection decisions, identify risks, evaluate review implications and formulate winning strategies with Brainspace Discovery's industry-leading machine intelligence.

Machine Learning for Intelligent Culling

Document clustering and Brainspace Discovery ID enable quick sorting of documents by conceptual similarity. Review only what you need to, faster and more accurately, with powerful analytics tools to identify and cull irrelevant content. The entire platform is engineered to enable faster, better results.

Understand Who Knew What, When

Brainspace Discovery's Communication Analysis elegantly displays email connections across the entire dataset— including CC’s and BCC’s—allowing for efficient analysis of parties, domains, activity levels and timeframes for all the communications that interest you.

Plays Well With Others

Give your existing workflow a Brain. Brainspace Discovery integrates with, and imports from, the industry's most common platforms and formats, including Nuix, LexisNexis, Relativity, Guidance EnCase, Clearwell and more. Proven on thousands of matters by hundreds of legal teams around the world, Brainspace Discovery is the right choice for any sized team. With our simple deployment, world class support and training, it’s never been easier to start using Brainspace Discovery.

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