You’ve never had an investigative tool this powerful

Whether internal or regulator-driven, investigations are typically time sensitive. It is critical within the first 48 hours of an investigation for a security team to learn as much as they can about who knew what and when. Unfortunately, to achieve this goal, most investigative teams have little more than keyword search tools and limited staff to review the ever increasing volume of collected information. In companies where hundreds or even thousands of investigations per year are the norm, this adds up to significant risk for the enterprise. With an emphasis on speed and efficiency, Brainspace 6 is helping companies conduct investigations faster than ever before.

The new general of your investigative army

Brainspace provides investigative teams the most powerful discovery platform available, with machine intelligence that analyzes unstructured data at lightning speed—more than a million documents per hour. It sees through code names and other obfuscations and gets right to the facts. Brainspace is the platform to lead your team to important conclusions when you need them most. Put simply, the software learns like a super-human brain, creating interactive visualizations for teams to review with no upfront effort.

Power and sophistication made simple

While Brainspace 6 is a sophisticated analytics application developed by 20 year industry veterans—you do not have to be a data scientist to use it. The Brainspace user interface is modern, fast and intuitive, providing users with a clear path to success no matter the size or complexity of the project. Brainspace finds things that would rather stay hidden, reveals non-obvious social connections and contextualizes data that would have little or no meaning out of context.

Helps small teams do big things

With the increasing deluge of unstructured data, investigative teams never have enough hours or people to get the answers they need in the time they have. Just a few years ago, it would have taken an army of reviewers months to do what one or two investigators can now do in a matter of hours or days with Brainspace. The platform augments the capabilities of small teams to address increased workloads and accelerated timeframes. Brainspace's unsupervised machine learning greatly improves the efficiency of both the investigator and the review team by eliminating the upfront work of building lexicons or ontologies, conceptually organizing content and increasing productivity by 60–90%.

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The trial tells the story

The best way to understand the value of Brainspace for your enterprise is to take it out for a 30-day test drive. Your trial includes complete set up, provisioning, onboarding and training for your users with the option to upload up to one million internal documents. Once you see the platform in action, you’ll understand why leading companies all over the world trust Brainspace Discovery.