Use Cases

Reduce legal risk and collect actionable data insights


Whether you’re a corporation, government agency or legal services provider, Brainspace can help you find out who knew what and when quickly with tools like interactive visualizations, concept search and supervised machine learning. For organizations that do lots of the same kind of investigations – like identifying sexual harassment or intellectual property theft – Brainspace’s Portable Learning can accelerate the process of finding the answers you need.


Brainspace’s patented machine learning and interactive data visualizations enable you to easily weed out low value data quickly, so you can focus on content that matters as your organization responds to litigation and government inquiries. Our software reduces the noise in your data and more efficiently identifies relevant content in-house before handing it off to a service provider for hosting, review and production to a third party.

Intelligence Mining

Analyze your organization’s data lakes for actionable intelligence and valuable insights, Brainspace finds things that would rather stay hidden, seeing through code names and other obfuscations to get right to the high value data faster than any other data analytics platform on the planet.


Empower your compliance team to quickly and efficiently analyze communication content for potential policy violations and legal risk. Our data visualizations, transparent concept search and machine learning technology can expedite the identification of compliance issues while suppressing the communication noise.